Stir Crazy

This last week, I’ve been homesick.  Nauseatingly homesick. I started looking up flights for a quick jaunt back to the US.  I went onto Kayak and Sky Scanner daily, trying to find the cheapest option.  At one point, I looked at flights for Austin, Texas to surprise everyone at Geek Bowl, planning to ad hoc my way back to Denver.  Fact: It’s cheaper to fly to Austin and out of Denver than round trip to Denver.

Today, I realized that I’m not homesick, I’m just stir crazy. Sihanouk Ville is starting to feel like my hometown, so I’m getting that same anxious feeling that made me want to leave Denver…except the town is smaller. The big difference is now…you know…I’m in Cambodia.

Yeah, that’s right. I live in motherf**kin’ Cambodia, motherf**kin YEAH.  I don’t have $650 in rent due every month, and it only costs $20 to leave the country.

Leah is going back home to Sydney for six weeks, so I looked into visiting her to see how they hang in the southern hemisphere.  However, that would force me to really eat into my savings, and I have much bigger plans for that money.  $15 cocktails? No bueno.

Lucky for me, my new town has a very international population that never ceases to inspire me.  My buddy Louis (part of the group I lovingly call “The Conservationists”) is from Chiang Mai, Thailand.  Talking to him tonight re-ignited a bucket list item that had been lost in the dark corners of my memory.

When I was getting ready for my big move, I started planning for Loy Krathong.  Granted, it was only tonight that I learned it’s called “Loy Krathong,” but calling it the “lantern festival thingy in Chiang Mai” was same same.  I knew that it was in November and that it’s one of the most amazing sights someone can see…really anywhere.

Now, it’s 4:02 am (I told you, I’m too excited to sleep), and I’ve created a detailed budget of this trip that has to happen on November 28th.  The whole thing, hotel included, will be nearly half of what the flight to Sydney would have been.  I’ve even added a line for a flight from Chiang Mai to Phnom Penh so I don’t have to endure 2 full days on buses and trains.

On top of this, we’re drafting a trip to London in January.  Why? Because we can.


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