The People You Meet Along the Way

Sihanouk Ville is a transient town with a revolving door of characters.  Some have impeccable timing and appear in your life at the exact time you need them.  Others…well, maybe you’ll be friends in the next life. Everyone has something to give each other, whether it’s the world’s funniest Scrabble game, a free round of drinks, or a good venting session. The reason for meeting someone isn’t always apparent and can easily go unnoticed.  But like each cell in your body, each short-lived relationship can be examined under a microscope to reveal a huge world of nuances and impacts which will contribute to the person you are, or want to become.

You just have to be open to everyone, and give them a chance (or five) before writing them off.  I’m learning to stop walking through life with my hands defensively balled into fists in front of me. Rather, I’m running into the world with my palms out, ready to catch everything, good and bad, and willing to let some of those things fall through my fingers.

They’re all part of the adventure.

Most of these photos were taken by the totally awesome David Fletcher.

Thanks, Fletch, for letting me steal your pictures.  Or, should I say, “thank you in advance.”


About Tavie Crockett

Like "Davy Crockett," but with a "T."
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