Tavie in Tokyo (Part III)

People spend their lifetimes exploring this country so 6 days here isn’t nearly long enough.  A lesson I’m leaving with is something I learned from Matt and Miha the first day I was here: There’s a lot of normal here.

I’m sure I’d be singing a different tune if I traveled here from the United States.  I probably would’ve been quick to try all of the meat sticks that still have tentacles sticking out of them.  I would’ve been on a train to Mt. Fuji or taken more time to explore Yoyogi Park.  If I were a financially wealthier person, I could’ve eaten food by Michelin chefs or gone on a day-long shopping spree in Harajuku.  However, none of these things happened because I came here looking for first world normalcy.

Japan has so many people that every niche is crowded.  Whatever you’re into, there will definitely be others who share your passion, making quirky hobbies more visible to English-language bloggers on their endless searches to find the “real” Japan.  Because really, what’s more interesting? This:

Or this:

How about this?

Or this:

Imagine if foreign bloggers associated New York with nothing but glam rock.  Tourists might seek out platform lace-up boots to see “The Real New York.”  In Tokyo, amazing lights and crowded streets are just as “real” as the unremarkable suburbs.

Equally awesome.


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