The Sihanoukville Dump

It’s taken me awhile to write this post for a few reasons. First, I’m not sure I can fully describe the conditions in which these children are living. Second, writing down my stream of consciousness as Bunly and I were, literally, walking through sh*t might make too much light of this. Third, the sad reality is that no NGO in the area has been successful in dealing with it.

Our task that day was to track down two small children known to be living on the dump. We had to park the motorbike near the bottom of the road because the rain made the path treacherous. There was a family scavenging there with two young children — not the ones we were looking for because they weren’t living on the dump.

Let me go off topic for a second.

Bunly, Let Us Create’s social worker, deserves a medal. Not only does he project genuine sympathy in every single sensitive or hostile situation, he finishes the job at hand.  The second we got here:

I was, for want of a better description, all like, “Aw HELL NAH.”  Bunly was like, “HELL YES.”

And so, we went.

And saw the Sihanouk Ville beach scene once it leaves the beach.

And found the children after about 1 kilometer.

So, now what?


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